How To Delete Tags On Remote Repos


June 23, 2020

what i learned

you can delete remote tags from your github repository using git push --delete origin <TAG NAME> or you can delete locally and then push those changes to your remote repo

git tag -d 0.0.7
git push origin :refs/tag/0.0.7

how i learned

recently someone became the very first contributor to pypums and when i merged their contribution and tried to automatically build and publish the package to PyPI i found myself making an error. at first i tried to create a release on github then i realized i had not changed the versions accordingly in and the other files. i had already tagged it as 0.0.7, however, so i had to delete the tag, fix the versions, tag it again.

i had done this before a few times but this time i found this very quick and easy explanatory post: how to delete local and remote tags on git